Neighborhood spots: Northern Spy Food Co.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by choice in New York City.  That’s why it is incredibly satisfying to find a restaurant so good you don’t need to think, you just know where to go. We recently added Northern Spy Food Co.,  a cozy East Village spot, to our list of favorites and we can’t stop going back!  Chef Hadley Schmitt’s menu is full of delicious locally-sourced and seasonal dishes – we recently bonded with the team over our mutual love of buying spices at Dual Specialty Store on 1st Avenue! Opened in 2009, it is now open for lunch every day and we strongly suggest heading up a few blocks from the hotel for a cup of Hudson’s finest Strongtree coffee and a Kale Salad or one of their amazing sandwiches (we’re still dreaming about the Chicken & Egg!).