Turtles on Bowery!

Eric Goode is one of New York’s most renowned hoteliers, so it may come as a surprise to some that he is also a dedicated turtle conservationist. Eric established the Turtle Conservancy (and Behler Chelonian Center), a non-profit NGO, in 2005 when he transformed his property in southern California into a tortoise and freshwater turtle conservation center. The center serves as an assurance colony for over 25 species of threatened and endangered species. With two-thirds of the world’s turtles and tortoises threatened with extinction, Eric made it his personal mission to do whatever he could to save the last remaining populations.

Until February 20th, Live Urban Walls will be projecting images of swimming turtles along with thought-provoking messages and images from other non-profit organizations like Charity : Water and Razia Said, at the corner of Bowery and Houston. For more videos, information, and how to submit a tax-deductible donation go to: www.turtleconservancy.org/support.