RAMBO Avantonguard Exhibit at The Bowery

Peter Makebish presents artist RAMBO’s installation titled Avantonguard at The Bowery Hotel Annex beginning this Saturday January 12th.

125 words for RAMBO (Lance De Los Reyes)


Lance’s paintings can seem like segments of a narrative from a lost
civilization, fragments of some obscure creation mythology, full of
sex and death and divine justice, your head served up on a platter,
swimming in a mist whose essence is a non-literal deployment of
vaguely remembered signs and symbols. Heads bouncing down the stairs
like a bowling ball, paying the price for your willingness to make
mistakes in public.

There is a proper order to things, a hierarchy of people and places,
motives and messages. Lance De Los Reyes has a finely tuned, always
evolving sense of what’s right and what’s wrong, pictorially speaking.
These paintings could be read as diagrams of a theoretical hierarchy,
lush and sexy and anything but predictable.

Donald Baechler
January 7, 2013